Policy Initiatives

Policy Initiative

3S and Our Health Society strongly believes that public welfare should be the guiding factor in public policy. Many “bads” also get promoted in the society as evaluate success from the narrow spectrum of Gross Domestic Product alone. Sugar and Sugar products are detrimental to the general health and well being of the people. Since it is so, there should be carefully calibrated but strong steps to get the society away from the dangerous path of more and more sugar and maida based processed food leading to millions of diabetics.

3S and Our Health Society is conscious that the path it espouses will have difficulties for multiple industries which have social sanction as on date which includes but is not restricted to sugar, snacks, sports accessories, pharmaceutical industry, diabetes treatment, media (capturing occular attention post sunset) to name a few. But our strong belief is that it is not that people in these industries are consciously trying to do anything wrong. It is only that the information is not available in the mainstream and policy are not aligned to convey the precarious situation that the society is in.

The Society tries to highlight this issue and campaign for policy measures which will help people make informed choices and also help them avoid deleterious ones. The Trust has a conflict of interest when it comes to some of these business interest which it is trying to take on. The Trust espouses public interest and where the business is not in public interest, there is bound to be some conflict of interest.

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